Are you a “Control Freak”? Do you try to control the people and circumstances in your life as best you can? Do you then get frustrated and discouraged when things don’t work out as you planned? Or, on the other hand, are you the type of person who is almost always being controlled by the demands, expectations, whims and desires of others?
In either case, this is a rather unfortunate “state of being” for you, the “Christian”, one that must be remedied without delay. That is, of course, if you ever wish to fulfill the destiny that God has for your life here on earth.

Have you yet to figure out, that whether you’re controlling or controlled, or both; that you’re actually of little to no use to the Kingdom of God?

Realize that if you continue to allow the work of the spirit of divination to dictate your actions, you will never accomplish the assignments and plans that the Lord foreordained for your lifetime– which, by the way, is exactly how the enemy would have it!

CONTROL FREAK is a text that will reveal how the spirit of divination seeks to delay, detour and ultimately derail you from ever fulfilling your God-given destiny. If the enemy can’t keep you out of heaven, the least he can do is try to make certain that you do not fulfill your God-given assignments here on earth.

CONTROL FREAK is a “must read” because it not only exposes the problem, but provides the Biblically based transforming solution as well.